Washington, DC offers an incredible opportunity to learn from the multiple generations of TOD projects that have been designed and built across the region over the past two decades. The city is a living case study, so the conference also included guided walking tours to visit some of the nation's leading TOD projects along the metro system. Participants heard from the leaders who delivered these successful projects, and experience them in person on the tour!

This high level event was of great interest to a wide variety of industries and professionals who work within the field of transit oriented development - both nationally and internationally. Real estate developers, transit agencies, municipal and regional planning departments, urban designers, architects, investors and financiers, policymakers, lawyers, building users, academics, consultants and advocates are all fundamental to the process of designing, building, and bringing life to TODs.

Capitol Crossing currently under construction in DC
Wharf model center, project currently under construction in DC
Participants heard from Brent Reynolds, President and Managing Partner of NP International, who discussed several major TODs his company is building in the Miami area, 2 of which received our TOD Certification.

Participants also heard from Monty Hoffman, CEO of PN Hoffman, who discussed the new Wharf project currently under construction in Washington, DC

The Wharf is DC's newest TOD - 3 million sq. ft. of vibrant, mixed-use development creating one of the great new waterfronts in America. The project, currently under construction, stretches nearly 1 mile long - lined with cafes, shops, entertainment, living, and working spaces - along a great new boardwalk and marina.  More info

The Wharf currently under construction in DC
Artist Rendering
Chris Leinberger of LOCUS explains the sweeping TOD trends
Attendees hear development stories and learn TOD best practices
Networking and sharing development stories
Bill Alsup of Hines explains the complex development of City Center
Carolyn Abbey of Oxford gives a tour of Gallery Place development
Chris Leinberger gives a tour of NoMa